At Infinite Wealth, we provide the education, direction and on-going support for everyday hardworking Australians to reach their financial goals, whether they be home ownership, travel and lifestyle, or early retirement, and live the life they really deserve!

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Our team of 30+ specialists, led by Managing Director Tim Guest, Australia’s leading financial educator, include property investment experts & strategic retirement planners, through to taxation accountants & economic experts (to name a few). All of them collectively working together and making intelligent decisions to assist you in achieving your financial goals.

Over 15,000 people have attended our wealth creation workshops and as a result, we have designed and implemented personalized Strategic Wealth Plans for more than 3,000 people who are now on track to reach their financial goals. To date, we have assisted these clients to invest over $340 million dollars, with very high customer satisfaction ratings.

Through our ‘Plan Your Way To Wealth’ Workshops, our Planning & Strategy Sessions, our One Day Intensive (Advanced) Training Programs and our personalised Strategic Wealth Plans, we have the integrity, measurable results, expertise and passion to help you achieve your financial goals, using nothing more than what you currently have available to you, right now.

We are also grateful to have been recognized by BRW as one of the fastest growing companies in Australia, and we are committed to donating 10% of our profits to charities and community projects.

Some of the charities and community organisations we support include:


“Only Listen To People Who Are Where You Want To Be!”

The first step to reaching your financial goals is education. By providing practical, easy to understand financial education, Infinite Wealth allows you to see that creating wealth is not only possible for you in your current situation, but simple.

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“If You Fail To Plan… You Plan To Fail!”

What makes Infinite Wealth unique is our ability to tailor make a strategy to suit your individual situation, using only the resources you currently have available to you. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by what is possible with your own Strategic Wealth Plan.

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“Action Is Only Thing In Life That Makes A Difference!”

Most clients have considered taking action to better their financial situation. For many either a lack of trust, a lack of knowledge or fear has prevented them taking action. The team at Infinite Wealth specialise in supporting clients to reach their financial goals.

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Free Financial Health Check

Free Planning &

Strategy Session

The Planning & Strategy session is a powerful tool that can show you how you are currently tracking, where you need to be and what opportunities are available using only what you have right now.


Free Financial Health Check

Plan Your Way To Wealth


Register Now and get two FREE tickets to our “Plan Your Way to Wealth” Workshop with Tim Guest. This is the number 1 financial education event in Australia and an opportunity you won’t want to miss!


Free Financial Health Check

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$50 Per Week

Is the dream of homeownership slowly slipping away? What if we told you, you can buy a house from as little as $50 per week. The smarter, faster & cheaper way to homeownership. *Conditions Apply.


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Experience & Results

Thousands of everyday hardworking Australians attend Infinite Wealth workshops every year and have gone on to apply the unique methodology to live the life they really want. Free from the constraints of their finances.

Infinite Wealth Client Experience & Results - Sam

Having a successful job early allowed Sam to buy his first house at the age of 19. He was happy to live in it but also wanted to start investing for his future. He met Tim at an educational program and was inspired to create an investment plan and build his wealth.

Infinite Wealth provided the complete package which made all the numbers, plans and figures seem easier and more attractive. Sam now has two additional properties, which has allowed him to spend time travelling the world over the past two years.

Infinite Wealth Customer Experience & Results - Vipul

Vipul had previously invested on his own but was looking to take things to the next level. He wanted to be guided by better strategies and direction. After hearing about Infinite Wealth, he attended an evening workshop and immediately realised how we could help.

Trust is very important to Vipul, especially as he was looking to invest his hard-earned savings into something that would benefit him and his family. Infinite Wealth was successful in designing and implementing a plan for Vipul to achieve his financial goals.

Infinite Wealth Client Experience & Results - Shirley

Approaching 50, Shirley and her husband realised that they needed to start planning and taking action towards securing their retirement. Attending an Infinite Wealth Evening Workshop gave them the courage and provided the perfect practical guide on how to get ahead.

Infinite Wealth was able to show them they were in a good financial position to build an asset base, and great customer service, openness and honesty from their dedicated Client Manager made the whole process a breeze.

What has now been made possible that was not before meeting Infinite Wealth, is hope for our future retirement plans, which would have been difficult to achieve without the guidance of Infinite Wealth. We are very satisfied with the entire Infinite Group process and have recommended them to our family.

Greg & Deborah Kirk

What Do Tim Guest, An Evening Workshop & Taking Action All Have In Common?

The Keys To Transforming Your Financial Future
& Peace Of Mind

Register now to secure two FREE tickets to our “Plan Your Way to Wealth” Workshop hosted by Australia’s leading financial educator, Tim Guest.

Tim retired at the age of 27 as a self-made multi-millionaire and now spends all of his time sharing his knowledge and experience, coaching and empowering every-day hardworking Australians to reach their own financial goals using only what they have available to them right now.

Over 15,000 people have attended these events where Tim is known for his straight talking and innovation that will dramatically change the way you think and act around money, and genuinely alter the course of yours and your family’s future.

Our workshops are held in Perth and Melbourne and fill up fast, so register today to secure your two free tickets. If you are serious about a comfortable or perhaps even early retirement, then this is an event you won’t want to miss!

This workshop is for you if you want to:

  • Achieve your financial goals and live a fulfilled life
  • Learn why the rich keep getting richer and the poor keep getting poorer
  • Discover the fundamental and unchanging principles of creating wealth and how to implement them
  • Stop making the most common mistakes with your money
  • Find out the only thing in life that will make a difference to your current situation
  • Grow a successful, reliable and diverse investment portfolio
  • Minimise the tax you pay every year and put more in your own pocket

** Plus – Get A FREE Planning & Strategy Session valued at $295 as a Bonus Gift to get you on track with your financial goals!**

Tim Guest has been awarded many accolades and has featured in numerous publications including:

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Posts & Publications

Building Beats Expectations

Australia’s home building industry beat expectations in starting construction of 228,480 homes in the 2017-18 financial year, a 3.3% increase on the previous financial year, according to ABS data. “A significant amount of homes commenced construction in the March [...]

Airbnb Pressures Rental Markets

Short-stay accommodation platform Airbnb is placing pressure on rental markets and pushing up house prices in areas with high tourist numbers, according to RiskWise Property Research CEO Doron Peleg. Peleg says people seeking long-term tenancies cannot afford to pay [...]

Most Enjoy Renting: Survey

One in every four Australian households rents, and it’s not just those on low incomes. A new national survey of renters, funded by the Bankwest Curtin Economics Centre, finds that while 60% of renting households have a household income below [...]

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I think that I have received the best education that I have ever received from Infinite Wealth. I truly believe that their strategies of creating wealth need to be taught in schools. I would highly recommend this to anybody. Thank you Infinite Wealth for pointing us into the right direction of life.

James Sciberras

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**You will also receive a FREE Planning & Strategy Session
valued at $295 as a bonus gift**
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