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Plan Your Way to Wealth

At Infinite Wealth, we educate, design and implement financial strategies for every day Australians that have them become financially free – for life!

Tim Guest is one of Australia’s leading financial educators and motivational speakers. Thousands attend the Infinite Wealth workshops every year, and have gone on to apply unique methodology to live the life they really want. Using Tim’s proven wealth creation strategies, the team at Infinite Wealth will develop a strategic plan for you to become financially free.

Born and bred in Perth, Tim Guest grew up in the south eastern suburb of Gosnells. After being taught the fundamental and unchanging principles of wealth, he retired as a multi-millionaire at the age of 27. Tim has presented to people around Australia and is known for his straight talking and innovation about money that will dramatically change the way you think and act, and seriously alter the course of your own and your family’s future. Read more about Tim Guest here. Get your free tickets to our Perth evening workshop and find out how to plan your way to wealth using property investment strategies.  Click here 

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