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10 Things to Kick Start your Wealth Goals in the New Financial Year

Monday Jun 19th 2017

It has always been said that for a wealth creation strategy to be successful, you must listen and learn from the right group of people – or in short, “Only listen to people who are where you want to be…!”
Apart from this, education has always been termed as the key to success.
Some people may argue that the most celebrated personalities such as Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, and Bill Gates did not have a high-end education to match their …

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Dream Still Alive But Is Changing

Monday Jun 19th 2017

A new survey shows that the Australian property dream is still within reach, but the traditional notions of home ownership are being challenged.
The survey results were published in the CommBank Connected Future Report through a partnership with CommBank and social researcher Claire Madden.
It reveals most Australians still believe obtaining property is possible, but the dream of the standalone house on land has been traded in for other housing options.
According to the report, 48% of new residential approvals …

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Brisbane Leads On Interstate Migration

Monday Jun 12th 2017

Brisbane has become the leading capital city for internal migration, netting its highest numbers in a decade.
Latest ABS gures saw Brisbane record the highest internal migration net gain of all capital cities (10,149 people) in FY2016, while Sydney lost double that number (-23,176). House prices are assumed to have something to do with these trends.
Brisbane’s net gain was higher than that of Melbourne (8,300) and Hobart (400), while other capitals to log net losses included Adelaide (-6,100), …

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Investment scams

Tax Policy Favours Home Owners

Tuesday May 30th 2017

Home-owners are far more tax-advantaged than investors and Labor’s plan to limit negative gearing would do little to help first-home buyers, says a new analysis that questions Labor’s policy costings.
A comparison of returns for owner-occupiers and investors from buying a typical house reveals the capital gains tax exemption for owner-occupiers far exceeds the value of negative gearing benefits.
“Current tax policy heavily favours owner-occupiers over investors, although that’s not the common view,” says Graham Young, director of the Australian …

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Stamp Duty Stops Would-be Sellers

Thursday May 25th 2017

More than one-third of home-owners who have their homes appraised by a real estate agent will not go through with the sale because of high government costs, an LJ Hooker survey has found.
Head of research at LJ Hooker, Mathew Tiller, says stamp duty is sti ing sales. “The cost of change is the biggest deterrent for home-owners when deciding whether to list their properties,” he says. “It’s about home-owners looking where they’re going to buy next and how much …

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7 Tips To Help Maximise Your Tax Return

Wednesday May 17th 2017

Tax season is upon us. For many Australians, this is a stressful period with lots of paperwork to sift through and looming deadlines.

However, this season also has a silver lining in the form of tax refunds. The Australian Tax Office gives out $27 billion annually in tax refunds to about 75% of taxpayers. The average refund per person is estimated at $3600. The sad part is, many taxpayers do not take advantage of all the deductions available for …

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Saving Plan To Help First-Timers

Thursday May 11th 2017

First-home buyers will be able to save for a home deposit faster by salary sacrificing into their super fund from July 1, following the Federal Budget.
On top of existing compulsory super contributions, individuals saving to buy will be able to put a total of $30,000 into their super, or $15,000 maximum per year. Couples can put in a total of $60,000.
The Federal Government will make only minor changes to negative gearing. Owners of holiday homes or other investment …

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Reports Confirm Confidence High

Wednesday May 3rd 2017

Confidence is strong in the residential property industry, according to several different reports, although there are regional differences across the nation.
While consumer confidence generally is patchy, sentiment within real estate is much stronger.
Across the country, the measure of confidence in the housing industry rose to its highest level since 2014 at 135 – up from 132 three months ago – according to the most recent quarterly ANZ/Property Council survey.
The Property Council says there has been a sharp …

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Property Sentiment Improves

Friday Apr 28th 2017

Confidence is rising across the property industry, buoyed by a sharp jump in sentiment in Western Australia after the state election and stronger commodity prices.
Across the country, the measure of con dence rose to its highest level since 2014 at 135, up from 132 three months ago, according to the most recent quarterly ANZ/Property Council survey.
Despite its improvement, WA reported the lowest level of con dence in the country, while NSW was the most con dent state.
The …

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