Client Testimonials

Raul & Kenece – March 2017

These guys knew they needed to invest their hard earned money to ensure their growth in wealth. After reading a few books, including a favourite of ours Rich Dad Poor Dad, and attending our evening workshop “Plan Your Way Wealth”, Raul and Kenece are on track to reaching their financial goals.

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Vaun & Charmaine – February 2017

Vaun and Charmaine hadn’t really thought too much about their financial future, and although both of them earn good money, they didn’t really have a plan for where they really wanted to be in the next 15-20 years.

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Ufuk – January 2017

Ufuk’s financial future was not very clear prior to meeting Infinite Wealth. Him and his wife had some savings and wanted to invest in property. With our help, they are now on track to a secure financial future.

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James – December 2016

At 21 years old James had the realization that he needs to act now to execute an investment strategy that will see him financially secure in the next 10-15 years. What an achievement. Congratulations James!

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Rowen & Kendall – November 2016

After renting for some time, Rowen & Kendall saved enough for their own home, but with no thought about their future. Through meeting Tim, their realization that they needed to change focus has resulted in a strategy that will see them much happier later in life.

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Theunis – October 2016

Theunis wanted to take care of his future. He has 3 investment properties and a 4th on its way. His financial future is secure and he is in total control with the help of Infinite Wealth.

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Zeke – September 2016

Zeek thought being a diesel mechanic meant he’d be working till his 70’s. Since meeting Tim & the Infinite Wealth team his mindset has shifted and his investment strategy is in full swing. Retirement is now only 20 years away.

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Veronique – August 2016

Veronique was literally going through life without any thought about her financial future. This has now all changed thanks to the simple Infinite Wealth process and her financial future is looking great!

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Anil – July 2016

Anil has just received handover to his first investment property. He found the Infinite Wealth team to be very helpful, and would absolutely recommend them to other first time investors.

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