Buy 13 Properties and retire in 5 Years! Want to learn how?

Join Tim Guest for his upcoming FREE LIVE EVENT for hard-working every day Aussie’s in Perth and learn the exact strategy he used to go from $40,000 of bad debt to buying 13 properties in 5 years and retiring at the age of 27 as a self-made multi-millionaire.

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Tuesday, 29th October, 6:30pm to 9:30pm

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This Workshop Will Transform The Way You Think And Act Around Money So You Can Take Action & Achieve Your Financial Goals

Whether they be Home Ownership, Travel & Lifestyle or Early Retirement

Over 18,000 hard-working Australians have attended our evening workshops and have gone on to apply our unique methodology and principles. Using the same proven wealth creation strategies that Tim used himself to build multiple 7-figure fortunes, we will help you to discover how you can achieve your financial goals, and live the life you truly deserve.

The #1 event for everyday hard working Australians who are determined to be financially secure and free.

Discover how to use your current situation to implement proven investment strategies and accelerate your financial growth.

Get clear about what your financial goals really are, and design a strategic investment plan that you can act on right away!

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***BONUS: Every attendee will receive a FREE gift valued at $295***


Since changing my financial strategy with Infinite Wealth I have managed a sea change, career change, a three month road trip around Australia, a Rottnest channel swim crossing and an investment property all in the same year. Along with my family and friends, thanks for helping me to make these things possible.”

– Michael, Infinite Wealth Client ‘