The Infinite Finance Team

Aimee Barton
Aimee BartonGeneral Manager & Licensee
Kara Methven
Kara MethvenGroup Operations & HR Manager
Ehren Scully
Ehren ScullyFinance Broker
Emma Benton
Emma BentonBroker Assistant
Lisa Mac Namara
Lisa Mac NamaraBroker Assistant

“[Infinite Finance] was great. They helped me through the roadblocks we came across along the way.”

Nicholas Vernon

Great Service. Fantastic advice, very happy with the home loan that [Infinite Finance] was able to get for me.

Mark Dorizzi

Everything has been smooth sailing. [Infinite Finance] made sure we knew how this would impact us financially and made this process a real breeze.

Michelle Kiamtia & Mathew Farrugia

Excellent! [Infinite Finance] can really explain difficult concepts easily in laymen’s terms.

Lincoln McDonald & Brianna Bakker

I had a 2-hour meeting with [Infinite Finance] at the start of the process. They explained to me effectively how the buy & hold strategy works. This gave me confidence using Infinite Finance as my mortgage broker.

Kevin Yee