Whether you’re an experienced investor, have recently purchased your first property or are looking to get started, we hope that these 10 tips will help you to become a more successful investor.

These tips are based on the first-hand experiences and life lessons of Tim Guest – Managing Director of Infinite Wealth and Australia’s leading financial educator.

Tim is best known for his accomplishments as a property investor, entrepreneur, motivational speaker and philanthropist. He is also known for his leading financial workshops, promoting financial literacy and education around the globe.

We sat down with Tim to create this top ten list, here is the result.


Before you begin implementing any investment strategy, you should first ask yourself about your vision. What are you wanting to achieve by becoming an investor?

Some invest to gain flexibility and security with their money. Others desire an asset base that can produce a passive income to help them to support their family and lifestyle. Maybe you’d like to retire early to spend more time on the things you are really passionate about (traveling, hobbies, starting a business or helping others.)

By defining your goals and having a clear vision before you start, you will better understand your “why” and your mission. This will help you to take i