Danielle Smith Avatar
Danielle Smith
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Thanks to the team at infinite wealth! The seminars are so informative that I didn't think twice in signing up. I learnt alot in the seminar with Tim Guest and realized I still have a lot more to learn. My client manager Feyne Johnson has been nothing but professional. Quick and efficient in communication.
Fantastic company, would recommend

Francesca Azzato Avatar
Francesca Azzato
- Google

Overall I was extremely happy with the infinite wealth process. My client manager Nick Hayes was fantastic. Nick was great at explaining the process of investing in property and was extremely helpful in providing me with a plan for my retirement. During the investment process Nick was always available when required, was extremely helpful in answering questions, responded to all my emails in a timely fashion and was very good at calming the nerves. He made the entire process of purchasing an investment property easy and a great experience. I am extremely grateful to Nick and the infinite wealth team for providing me with a sound retirement plan that does not solely rely on superannuation. I would not hesitate to recommend infinite wealth to my friends and family if they were looking to invest in property.

anders jakobsen Avatar
anders jakobsen
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Infinite wealth has helped me secure a 2nd investment property. A busy business owner and farther like myself struggle to allocate much time to investing and securing my family financially for the future. But with the help from infinite wealth the future is looking positive and my family is on course to a financially secure future. The team is professional, responsive and very helpful at answering any questions. I have not regretted trusting them fully with mine and my family's savings and financial future. Thank you!

Adir Erulkar Avatar
Adir Erulkar
- Google

The business provides outstanding services in a complex market of finance, investing, tax, property management and the like. I cannot fault the team or business in the services they provide in any way. They are in no way pushy to try and make you do or buy something, they are extremely helpful, honest and trustworthy. You can tell by just dealing with them that the foundation the business is built on is based on helping the everyday Australian succeed financially and that their goal as a business is clear. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone who is looking for help navigate the complex world of investing and setting themselves up for an early retirement and financially free future.

Mozhdeh Tahghighi Avatar
Mozhdeh Tahghighi
- Google

Trustworthy and reliable team. A especial thank to Nick Hayes for being extraordinary in explaining the processes and his support throughout the journey. I recommend them to my family and friends.

Dalton c Avatar
Dalton c
- Google

Working with the infinite wealth team has been really easy work. They constantly ran the process from start to finish which being new in the property market was a great support. Would recommended anyone new to property investing have a chat and see how Infinite Wealth can help.

Gemma Boys Avatar
Gemma Boys
- Google

My partner and I attended an Infinite Wealth workshop with Tim many years ago and knew that we loved what was being said, but didn't feel we were in the right position to proceed as we were still in quite a new relationship.

Quite a few years passed but we still kept Infinite in the back of our minds and finally in 2019 we decided it was time for action! Not only are the Infinite Team ready to advise where they can, but they have also assisted us with purchasing a rental property in Queensland, the finance for our new family home and the rental of our existing home.

I can't commend the staff enough on how knowledgeable, friendly and helpful they are through a range of topics and highly recommend attending, at the very least, one of their free seminars! Nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Thanks again guys, looking forward to continuing to work together!

Ben Morris Avatar
Ben Morris
- Google

In an industry full of people trying to line their own pockets, I cannot tell you how grateful we are to have met Tim Guest and his incredible team. It's refreshing to meet people who actually do exactly what they say they are going to do and who are honest, ethical and prepared to do whatever it takes to help us achieve our financial goals. Our future definitely looks bright.. and we have got you guys to thank for that! I cannot recommend you enough! Thank you!

Nick Martin-Robins Avatar
Nick Martin-Robins
- Facebook

It was a good experience, not easy. From signing a contract it took 10 months until the land was available, and a further 6 months to build and rent out. I now have an income from the property and I only wonder how long until I should build the next one. Property is a bit hectic at the moment and it did take a month to lease. Hopefully I am on a winner!

Cassie Anne Appleby Avatar
Cassie Anne Appleby
- Facebook

Tim , the client managers and everyone in the Infinite team are fantastic ! Went to the free evening work shop in May and walked out with a hole new way of looking at our future. Highly recomend getting off the lounge one night and heading to the seminar !!

Dean Fleming Avatar
Dean Fleming
- Facebook

We attended Tim's Free Workshop in July 2014. Tim is very passionate about what he does and this shows through his speaking.

After just attending Tim's one day intensive workshop, he has for-filled all of his promises stated in workshop providing clear distinctions on how making small changes that dramatically effect the outcome of your financial future.

Tim shows you all the tools you require to create your own financial freedom.

We are on our way to becoming financial free and this is thanks to Tim and his Team!

King Regards

Dean Fleming & Kymberley Hearle

Mubeena Maza Avatar
Mubeena Maza
- Facebook

An amazing team which works together to help people become financially free in life!

Carl Nardi Avatar
Carl Nardi
- Facebook

We are so very glad weve have taken Tim and his teams advice. From just the family home to having 2 house,s built in around 12 months the journey has been great, We know our future is secure. Thanks to Tim and his team.

Tom Galt Avatar
Tom Galt
- Facebook

This company is full of great people. Which are all ways willing to help. I have been able to accumulate four investment properties since when i first started with the company back in 2012. I encourage any one with an urge that is keen to get into property to take a look at infinite wealth. With there professional help they can really set you up for a bright future. I truely believe in helping people and i think this is a great place for young people to start and gather as much information from these people as you can. Infinite wealth are a team and a family i am so happy to be a part of. If you have any friends or family that are interested in properties i differently encourage you to take some time out of your busy day and spend it with Tim at one of his powerful seminars.

Matty Hill Avatar
Matty Hill
- Facebook

I have been to many property seminars over the last 5 years but the Infinate wealth seminar I attended last weekend was the best information I have got off any.
Tim showed me how to pay off my house half the time only using the same tools as I have now.
I have already purchased a property last week in Melbourne through Infinate Wealth and look forward to many more.
For anybody thinking about checking out what this company has to offer I would highly recommend it to anyone. This would benifit any person no matter what position they are in.
The first seminar is even free to see what they can do for you and I gaurentee it will open your eyes.
I hope you all get off as much as me.

Maria Nicola Avatar
Maria Nicola
- Facebook

Tim is amazing, upon meeting him 4 years ago I could tell he really walks his talk. He means business and knows his stuff. It's one thing to take advice from business owners, it's another to listen to very successful one's.
It's great to know you and see you go from strength to strength!!!

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